GrapeAlliance is the one and only wine platform and a space for wine lovers and winemakers. Data is the key to our success.
GrapeAlliance, founded in 2019, has created a digital platform called GrapeManager to collect data, organize it and digitalize the wine industry. In the form of big-data and AI applications we focus on B2B services for the wine world.

Within the platform our customers - including winegrowers, wine marketing agencies, wine brands and retailers - have the opportunity to access the so-called Wine Market Monitor. The Wine Market Monitor or WMM for short is an analysis tool that observes the digital wine market and analyses the flood of data on a customer-specific basis. With its vast database the WMM helps winemakers to get easy access to all their product prices and product availability on the internet. Therewith it serves as a valuable control tool over real-time distribution and we help our customers to develop data-based pricing and sales strategies, increase sales opportunities and boost turnover.

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