Nicolas Wenz is an entrepreneur and creative based in Berlin.

After his apprenticeship as a chef he cooked in several fine dining restaurants, like The Fat Duck in Bray, England (2006 awarded as best restaurant in the world).

Driven by his passion for food and an insatiable curiosity to explore new flavours Nicolas created FARADAÍ Para Spirit, a pure para cress essence and a blend of botanicals.

In addition to earning a degree in sociology politics and economy at the Zeppelin University he started working with Rafael Horzon and was involved in the creation of several projects like Dämm & Deko, Das Deutsche Zentrum für Dokumentarfotografie and Wanddekor.

Believing in social innovation through creativity Nicolas is constantly working on new ventures and projects,  as well as creating art himself.

He developed some products for the social food brand share, founded a company to support young artists "Artists Inside" and is currently working on a new start-up in the foodwaste sector, Invisible Foods, a B2B marketplace that trades surplus food between producers, importers, wholesalers and buyers and is working towards a planet without food waste.

Nicolas is also a part of HANZ.studio a gallery and creative collective and curated the exhibition palm down with Andy Kassier.


Berlin, Deutschland